Should I insult Mahama?…

We are all (well, majority of us) are not only witnesses but also experiencing the hardships around us. This is an undisputing fact unless you are so politically brainwashed to the brim. Yes, our leaders should and need to be held responsible for the very things they are responsible for but should the citizenry show sheer disrespect to make them act right?

We live in a multiparty democratic society where we are spoilt for choice when it comes to which political party one can belong to. But then, Why the personality attacks? Are we that desperate? 

I try everyday to cast my mind back to when it became morally wrong to associate yourself to a political party or personality. It is likely and has become a trend to be attacked on social media to associate yourself to the NDC or have anything to do with the President, H.E. John Mahama. Even a single picture with him can land you into a pool of insults. This is the lamest and the most childish thing i’ve seen of young Ghanaians in recent times. Why then should it be proper to support Nana Akuffo-Addo and the NPP? That’s absurd and baffles me and there is no justification for such irresponsible behaviour. 

My only hurt is the youth who show this utmost disrespect of insulting the President and writing all sorts of unwarranted words under his posts or anyone who posts something positive about him. All because they don’t support him and times are hard or the infamous “dumsor” seems to be never-ending. 

I’d say more than 95% of the youth who act in the manner mentioned above have at least gotten some of level formal education and should leave these things to those who want to do them and rather educate them on it because we’re more exposed, enlightened and know the right ways of pouring out our frustrations and displeasure. Should i insult and say disgusting things about my father because things aren’t going on well at home? Hell No!

These leaders don’t own Ghana, we the youth do. Let’s not get influenced by the polarized nature of our politics because we share different ideologies? Hate speech, internet bullying and personality attacks WON’T win. Let’s be circumspect in our utterances and respect the views and preferences of others, after all, we even agree to disagree. I could go on and on about this but i will end by quoting the first stanza of the song, Arise Ghana Youth. It says, “Arise Ghana Youth for your country, the nation demands your devotion. Let us all unite to uphold her and make her great and strong. We are all Involved…”

God bless our homeland Ghana and Let’s cherish the peace. 


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