SPOTLIGHT: #Photography In Ghana

Photography has been an age old phenomenon. Over the years, different inventions and sophisticated cameras have been made to equip photo lovers across the globe. It’s all about catching a good subject at the correct time, from a great angle in the best light.

In recent times, taking photos and posing for them has become popular among Ghanaians, Young Ghanaians to be precise. We even have instagram models now I hear (haha). Some three decades ago or so, the people you often see holding cameras were photographers, locally nicknamed “photoo”. They’re still around though, but thanks to technology, some got better.

ChaleWote2016 by Enlighten Images

It’s a different story now. Ghanaians are actually buying expensive and sophisticated professional cameras for personal use. Who can leave out the smartphones and the countless photo apps? …and oh, the drones! How can I forget that? These gadgets are playing a major role in photography worldwide. With phones having as high as 23 megapixels of camera and 0.03 seconds autofocus, sounds pretty interesting for a phone right? I know. Taking high resolution and amazing pictures.

ChaleWote2016 by Enlighten Images

In the wake of high patronage of pre-wedding, pre-birthday, “pre-this” and “pre-that” photoshoots all over, is also the high number of photographers lately. The numbers rise by the day, it’s amazing.

Yes, many are those holding cameras around but aren’t really taking shots like they’re supposed to. Equally there are the ones who have paid their dues, made a name for themselves and very well sort after (…and it’ll take me forever to list the names) and then, the ones who are actually being a powerful force to reckon with.

By Enlighten Images

One name that I can’t… no, can’t ever be skipped in the league of being the future of photography in Ghana is ENLIGHTEN IMAGES. Pascal Sweet-Tea is the man behind Enlighten Images & he’s one guy taking the industry by storm. He’s covered a wide range of events and taken some breathtaking portraits, scenery and silhouettes.

Pascal of Enlighten Images

Personally, posing in a stuffy studio with more equipments than an operating room is becoming awkward. Fortunately, Enlighten Images doesn’t only do studios but also takes you to a gorgeous outdoor location where you can relax and just be yourself while he creates the most amazing portraits you can imagine. The brand is strong enough to rub shoulders with the big men pretty soon & his works can make the cut any day.

Silhouette by Enlighten Images

Central Accra by Enlighten Images

Photography is art and Ghanaians have embraced this form of art.
A photograph they say, shouldn’t be just a picture, it should be a philosophy. While we enjoy taking the snaps, let’s speak with our works.

Kindly Click on this link to see more Images…


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