Emoji Decoded: Have You Been Using Your Emojis Correctly?

If you have an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter, chances are you’ve used an emoji or two in your past. But the question is, are you using them correctly? Thanks to the guys at Unicode, we have the official meaning behind some of the most commonly misinterpreted emojis:

1. The Folded Hands

If you’ve been using this much-debated icon to signify a high five, you’re wrong. This is actually meant to be a person who is praying or bowing.

2. The Japanese Ogre

This red-faced emoji isn’t a mask, the devil, or a character from Where The Wild Things Are – it’s a Japanese ogre, a monster commonly found in Japanese art and literature.

3. The “Disappointed But Relieved” Face

This looks like a crying emoji at first glance, but observe the placement of that water droplet. It’s on the side of the face, signifying sweat (disappointment and relief!) rather than tears.

4. The “Shocked” Face 4

The double Xs make this emoji look, well, dead — but it is intended to demonstrate astonishment.

5. The Celebration Hands 5

See this and think, “praise Jesus”? Womp, womp — it’s actually just a regular person celebrating.

6. The Face Massage

If you’ve always wondered what’s on this woman’s head that would be a set of hands. She’s getting a massage — now leave her alone!

7. The “Hushed” Face

This appears to be a shocked emoji, but it actually means “hushed.” Use it next time when you’re in the library.

8. The “Grinning Face” With Smiling Eyes

A very impatient child this is not. It’s an extremely smiley, incredibly happy emoji.

9. The “Kissy” Face

This face looks like it’s whistling, but it’s actually just another kissy face, one grade below the kissy face with a heart. It’s basically perpetually on a first date.

10. The “Savoring Delicious Food” Face

The emoji with its tongue hanging out is often used as a goofy or teasing emoji, but surprise! It simply means you are enjoying your food.

So guys, anytime you text somebody use your emojis correctly. Happy texting!!😉❤


#FASHION & #STYLE: 10 Simple Tips For The Everyday Man.

It is always easy to find style tips on the internet lately. The question is how easy and straight to the point are they to just put into practice? It’s not only a duty of celebrities or popular people to work on their image and how they brand themselves. The everyday man also has an image and a brand to protect in order to make an impact on society without spending his life savings. On my usual web ‘runnings’, I saw so many style tips but I’ve put together these simple tips which comes in handy for the everyday man.

Tip #1 – Have Self-confidence.

Before anything else… understand that a big chunk of style depends on a confident attitude. Self-confidence doesn’t just help you engage with anyone but It’s an internal driving force for remembering who you are & what you stand for.
Tip #2 – Value Style & Image.

Entering the real world – you’ve got to open your eyes to the inconvenient truth: “books are always judged by their covers”.
Appearances do matter. Especially when it comes to first impressions. Isn’t a good personality still important? Absolutely. To nail first impressions, your style and image have to work within society’s system of what’s acceptable & then yours to compliment. You want to dress in a way that can easily grant you those precious seconds to sell a thought, make your case, and influence others.
That means you must stick to crisp, clean, and well-fitted clothing. Not just anything to throw on. That’s what encourages people to take you more seriously.

Tip #3 – Level-Up Your Footwear.

Still wearing running shoes all the time (even when you’re NOT running)? Explore other options.
Why? It boils down to a traditional school of thought that’s still alive and well these days: “you can judge a man by his shoes”. People see shoes as a way of measuring your net worth – or assuming your career and social status. So I believe investing in a pair or two of high-quality dress shoes & some casual loafers isn’t a bad idea.

A pair of quality leather shoes is one of the best investments – provided it’s durable and comfortable to wear for many years (with nothing more than some light cleaning and the occasional shine required). It’s not just about looking sharp. Shoes represent attention to detail and how carefully you present yourself (not giving people any reason to ridicule).

Tip #4 – Take Care Of Your Clothing.

In general. Being young means you’ve got less disposable income. Budgeting is a must.
But at the same time – there’s no excuse for not keeping your clothes in great shape. With just a few ‘bucks’, be selective with buying things such as wooden hangers for your suits, shoe racks for your shoes, a reliable iron, and detergent.

And then there’s the free stuff – information. Be educated on ironing your shirt properly (so you don’t end up ruining the fabric or leaving marks).

Tip #5 – Nail The Fit.

At home, you might still enjoy wearing those baggy shorts or oversized shirts even though you have slimmed down… But outside, remember that fit is king. It’s your top concern in the style pyramid for any clothing item. Rule of thumb: If it doesn’t fit (and can’t be slightly adjusted to fit) – do NOT buy it. It won’t work.

Tip #6 – Own A Well-Fitted Suit.

No matter what your job is, you’ll most likely wear a high-quality suit at some point in life. So if you’re going to buy one, make sure it’s a classic suit. Consider factors like notch lapels, the proper length of the jacket (the back side shouldn’t completely cover your butt) and a clean, consistent stitching (check this by opening the vents and breast pocket).

For any suit that’s off the rack – do take the time to have it adjusted. Skilled tailors would know how to make small changes that take it from “mediocre” to “perfect for you.” They could even turn a ten-cedis suit from Kantamanto into a staple of your dress wardrobe. That’s right – it doesn’t matter where the suit comes from. As long as it looks amazing on you!

Tip #7 – Choose QUALITY Over Quantity.

What good is a wardrobe that’s oversaturated with items that either (A) don’t feel good to wear or (B) are difficult to match with one another? The truth is, it’s pretty much a dump – where the good stuff gets lost in the mix while the rest have to be cleared or replaced. The best advice is, donate these things you don’t need anymore, give them out bro! Better to have 3 outfits you like to wear than 20 of them lying dormant in your wardrobe.

Tip #8 – Get Rid Of Worn Out Clothing.

Certain jean styles might’ve been trendy during your teenage years (like tears, holes or distressed looks). Eliminate those pants (or clothes with similar styles) from your closet right away. You want to move past that rebellious, individualistic phase for good. Upgrade your legwear by sticking to what works: clean, well-fitted indigo jeans. Also get a couple of bright-coloured jeans or khakis (either straight or slim fit) to add some variety.

Tip #9 – Cut-down on the T-Shirts & Hoodies

We know that Mark Zuckerberg normally goes to work in a gray hoodie as if he was running a local gym instead of Facebook.

But how many guys like Zuckerberg are on this planet? Exactly. The average guy doesn’t have such privileges and will be judged in a negative way if he wears UN-dressy shirts or tops to work. That includes different hoodies and t-shirts (especially graphic tees). Okay if it’s on a cool weekend but for work, sorry, you’re not Mark Zuckerberg.

Tip #10 – Ignore Fashion Trends.

Finally, don’t fall prey to the whimsical whims of fashion.
Mainstream fashion trends change too fast to really become staples of your style. And young men can’t afford a complete wardrobe overhaul every month. So avoid anything that doesn’t survive past an “in” season (like skinny ties and jeans). Stick to timeless clothing pieces and classic colours, patterns, textures and combinations (those which have existed since your parents’ and grandparents’ younger years) – since those will never disappoint.

A huge thanks to Real Men Real Style.

Ladies, you’re not left out. Your piece is out next, watch out!

SPOTLIGHT: #Photography In Ghana

Photography has been an age old phenomenon. Over the years, different inventions and sophisticated cameras have been made to equip photo lovers across the globe. It’s all about catching a good subject at the correct time, from a great angle in the best light.

In recent times, taking photos and posing for them has become popular among Ghanaians, Young Ghanaians to be precise. We even have instagram models now I hear (haha). Some three decades ago or so, the people you often see holding cameras were photographers, locally nicknamed “photoo”. They’re still around though, but thanks to technology, some got better.

ChaleWote2016 by Enlighten Images

It’s a different story now. Ghanaians are actually buying expensive and sophisticated professional cameras for personal use. Who can leave out the smartphones and the countless photo apps? …and oh, the drones! How can I forget that? These gadgets are playing a major role in photography worldwide. With phones having as high as 23 megapixels of camera and 0.03 seconds autofocus, sounds pretty interesting for a phone right? I know. Taking high resolution and amazing pictures.

ChaleWote2016 by Enlighten Images

In the wake of high patronage of pre-wedding, pre-birthday, “pre-this” and “pre-that” photoshoots all over, is also the high number of photographers lately. The numbers rise by the day, it’s amazing.

Yes, many are those holding cameras around but aren’t really taking shots like they’re supposed to. Equally there are the ones who have paid their dues, made a name for themselves and very well sort after (…and it’ll take me forever to list the names) and then, the ones who are actually being a powerful force to reckon with.

By Enlighten Images

One name that I can’t… no, can’t ever be skipped in the league of being the future of photography in Ghana is ENLIGHTEN IMAGES. Pascal Sweet-Tea is the man behind Enlighten Images & he’s one guy taking the industry by storm. He’s covered a wide range of events and taken some breathtaking portraits, scenery and silhouettes.

Pascal of Enlighten Images

Personally, posing in a stuffy studio with more equipments than an operating room is becoming awkward. Fortunately, Enlighten Images doesn’t only do studios but also takes you to a gorgeous outdoor location where you can relax and just be yourself while he creates the most amazing portraits you can imagine. The brand is strong enough to rub shoulders with the big men pretty soon & his works can make the cut any day.

Silhouette by Enlighten Images

Central Accra by Enlighten Images

Photography is art and Ghanaians have embraced this form of art.
A photograph they say, shouldn’t be just a picture, it should be a philosophy. While we enjoy taking the snaps, let’s speak with our works.

Kindly Click on this link to see more Images…

TIPS: 4 Simple Ways To Apply & Make Perfume Last Longer.

Everybody loves perfumes and smelling good. I think it’s so cool to have a signature scent that adds to the ambiance of who you are and one that people remember you by. Scent is the most powerful memory trigger. Just one small trace of a scent can take your mind right back to a specific place, event, person, or period of time. Over the years, I’ve used different types of perfumes. The ones I would never forget and the ones that got me going like “what nose did I use to smell this at the shop?” lol. 

The issue I have with perfume though, is that, I can never seem to make the scent last all day. I get a beautiful whiff when I apply it in the morning, but the scent diminishes as the hours go by; and soon enough it seems to disappear altogether. I went on a mission to solve this problem and found out that I’ve been doing it all wrong! There are a bunch of things you can do to make that gorgeous scent of yours last all day. Here’s how:

1. Moisturize that skin.

If you have naturally oily skin, you’re in luck — a scent will last much longer on you. For those of you with dry skin, find out if your scent comes in lotion form, and use that first for maximum scent capacity. If it doesn’t come in a lotion, first use an unscented moisturizer on damp skin wherever you plan to apply your scent.

2. Apply to pulse points.

Heat is what activates perfume. The pulse points on your body (where your heart rate can be felt) are the best spots to apply a scent, due to the warmth of your blood. Some of such points are located behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.
3. Don’t rub.

After applying a fragrance, many people feel a need to rub it in in order to warm the skin or spread the scent. This is a big mistake! Rubbing a perfume breaks down its molecules, diminishing the scent into thin air.
4. Store it the right way.

Heat, light, and humidity can all break down the compounds in a perfume causing it to be less fragrant. To keep your scent at its best, store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Make sure to keep it out of the bathroom, as the heat and humidity from showers and baths could damage it greatly.
These tips aren’t for the ladies only. Guys, work it too! Go ahead and enjoy that scent all day. 


Ghanaian screen diva Lydia Forson seems to have had enough of how bad a lot of Ghanaian men are when it comes to the art of “wooing” a woman.


Lydia Forson

The outspoken actress has taken to her social media to share her thoughts on wooing in Ghana–saying, most Ghanaian men are losers when it comes to making a woman feel special.

She wrote: “A lot of Ghanaian men have much to learn in the art of “wooing” a woman.”

“Most don’t know how to take a girl on a date, and if they do it’s always “food”, which automatically translates to love, and once those words are spoken it’s enough foreplay to begin a sexual affair, first by attempting to shove those long tongues into your mouth and swirling it around,” she said.

Check out what she wrote below in full:


LYDIA FORSON’S BLOG – “Lessons from the America’s Presidential Race ¦ Why the main Opposition (NPP) may lose in the upcoming Elections”

I was surfing the web as usual and going through my social media platforms when I chanced upon this new blog post by the talented Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson. She has come to be a force to reckon with when it comes to social commentary and what have you because of her outspoken nature and stating the obvious. She’s gotten quite a handful of backlash also for her write-ups but she never gives a hoot. Let me not bore you so much with mine, I just wanted you to check out this piece of a bombshell which I think is The Hard Truth everyone must know…


Read full article below:

I started writing this piece a few weeks ago but I wasn’t sure if it was worth sharing.
Before I proceed, however, it’s important I make this disclaimer.
DISCLAIMER : A lot of you are not going to like me after this post, and for those who already don’t you’re probably going to dispise me more. I may lose some friends after this, but I won’t lose much sleep if I do because my real friends respect that we don’t have to always agree.

The attention and backlash I receive each time I share my opinion is enough to make anyone afraid of speaking out on issues in this country.

I guess because of the misconception that only a “chosen” few are qualified to speak on politics and national issues, people are quick to tag me a controversial attention seeker.(if only this title was something worth fighting for)

I’m a Ghanaian citizen of sound mind and a registered voter; meaning I have EVERY RIGHT to speak on issues in this country, and so should anyone who feels inclined to do so, we shouldn’t to be bullied into silence because it’s our constitutional RIGHT.

When Ben Ephson the Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper and pollster made predictions on the elections, the brouhaha surrounding it, has encouraged me to share this piece I wrote a while back.

Now I’m no pollster, analyst or expert, and I won’t pretend to have any facts, proper research or idea of how election predictions are made.

My predictions are made on intuition and my ability to completely looked beyond my sentiments and personal conviction to see what it is instead of what it should be. They’re also based on conversations I’ve had with people, things I’ve witnessed and experiences I’ve had.

If you follow my blog then you will remember how I predicted Donald Trump could be the next president of America last year in July, exactly a year later and he won the Republican ticket to be the presidential candidate and went on to also win the general elections.

I received a lot of heat for this at the time, with many friends assuming I was a Trump supporter; which wasn’t the case. I didn’t and still don’t like the man, but I understood the campaign he was running, because he had one aim only, to appeal to a target group of people so he could ultimately win the election.

And we can argue that Trump didn’t win the popular vote, but it doesn’t change the fact that MILLIONS of Americans voted for him, much to the surprise of many people especially the democrats.

And this is what the opposition should have learnt from this outcome; that a man so hated, having some of the most powerful politicians, networks,media houses etc unite against him like never in the history of America’s presidential race; still went on to win is nothing short of a miracle.

Against all pollsters, opinions polls and predictions, Donald Trump defied all odds and shocked Americans and the world at large.

If this doesn’t tell you the electorate isn’t as predictable and neither are the elections, then I don’t know what will.

Which is what many members of the opposition seem to be missing and why they may also be in for a shock.

They’re banking on the general perception that people are frustrated with the ruling party, and because of this want change, hence their campaign message.

But this assumption and the insistence that ALL Ghanaians should feel this way coupled with the campaign they’re running, is why I believe they may probably not win the elections.

They’re looking at the country through the eyes of the opposition, and this is one of the points I spoke against in my piece on understanding the Ghanaian electorate (read here) Your Ghana isn’t everyone else’s Ghana,meaning how you see the country isn’t the way everyone else does.

But because of this perception, they’re mistakenly campaigning AGAINST members of the ruling party and anyone else who doesn’t support this claim, instead of campaigning TO them.

This single mindset is why many of their following are quick to fight and attempt to silence anyone who doesn’t share in this feeling of frustration.

Forgetting that the whole purpose of a campaign is to appeal to voters and not bully them into voting for you.

Their confidence in this perception is also why the outcome may not only surprise them, but create unnecessary tension if they don’t win.

Because they’ve proped themselves and their following up for a guaranteed win, and planted the seed of doubt and a possible electoral fraud if they don’t, also very dangerous.

Notice that nearly ALL political parties accuse Electoral Commisioners of fraud if they don’t win, but are suspiciously silent if the same system declares them winners.

This is a trick employed by alot of politicians; for instance, Trump insisted on a possible rigging, and when he won suddenly didn’t find the system to corrupt anymore.

What he didn’t anticipate was the doubt he casted on the system which created room for people to also question the legitimacy of his win.

Now it would be unfair on my part to blame all members of the opposition and it’s following for this behavior, I have very good friends in the opposition who are nothing like this, but they too agree that something’s definitely wrong if the majority of their following behaves like this.

By alienating a section of the people because their views don’t align with yours, will only make it that much easier for them to vote against your party.

I’ve had atleast 3 people tell me they want a certain party to lose, only because they find someone on social media annoying. Some Trump voters will tell you they didn’t like him, but voted for him anyway because they were willing to look past his inappropriate behavior, because of their disdain for Hillary.

And you may think it’s ridiculous for anyone to vote against a party just because of their disdain for someone, but if people voted for all the right reasons we wouldn’t have politicians sharing rice, ice and sewing machines for votes.

Elections are about nothing else but winning for the politicians, even if it means employing some of the most outrageous tactics like Trump did, by stylishly campaigning to the usually neglected people, understanding that the KKK also had votes.

EVERY VOTE counts, even that of the girl who’s voting because of someone she finds annoying; so the way your party faithfuls behave everywhere, including how they verbally attack people even on social media, will contribute to how people vote.

And this behavior isn’t unique to just the opposition, nearly all parties are guilty of this politics of insults, I’ve been called everything from a prositute to a brothel by members of the NDC, however the opposition seems to be leading the pack.

A simple comparison of their reaction to even celebrity endorsements, is very telling.

Celebrities and public figures who’ve endorsed the ruling party have been ridiculed, insulted, called money thirsty and all kinds of names.

Yet others who’ve endorsed the opposition haven’t received that much negative attention.

Why is that?

A few weeks ago I also witnessed an interaction on social media, where a supporter of the ruling NDC claimed that most of its members weren’t as bold to declare their position because they feared insults; a supporter of the opposition quickly responded by saying perhaps it’s because his party was a sh** one.

Imagine that? A smart person would have ceased the moment to engage this person and if for nothing at all make him see her party beyond the aggressive tone it’s been associated with.
I’ve also had my own personal encounters with supporters of the opposition who’ve hailed me for speaking out against the ruling party, but immediately turned to attack me vehemently because I wrote in support of a decision the president had taken.

If you don’t see the state of the nation through their eyes, then there’s something wrong with you; which they have no problem expressing with choice words.

When Hillary called half of Trumps voters deplorable, she only gave people who were probably on the fence about voting for Trump another reason NOT to vote for her.
Which is exactly what a lot of people in the opposition are doing.
I still don’t understand how anyone was able to look past Trumps bigotry, inappropriate behavior and racist tendencies to vote for him.
But maybe if people,including me, hadn’t been so dismissive of them; we could have engaged and perhaps attempted to understand their position.

The silent majority does exists, and when a group of people feel silenced because of their position, they will band together to prove a point.
Now I’m not in anyway likening the ruling party to Trump supporters, just drawing from their experience.

I maybe wrong with my prediction, and we’ll know in a couple of days, however the backlash I may probably receive from members of the opposition because of this post will only reinforce what I’ve said.